The Importance of Lesbian Fiction Written by Lesbian Authors — Coco Mingolelli

Fabulous new author, Coco Mingolelli, tells part of what inspired her to write… click the link to read her words…

via The Importance of Lesbian Fiction Written by Lesbian Authors — Coco Mingolelli

Also… check out her new book Peccatum in Carne: Sins of the Flesh, now available as paperback and ebook, on Amazon.


The Things I Could Tell You: A Response to Yet Another Excommunication

Young Mormon Feminists

The Things I Could Tell You

I don’t really care what you think about my religion, to tell you the truth.

That’s my nicest answer.

A go away disguised in indifference learned from years of biting my tongue before saying the biting words: you don’t know how wrong you are.

That’s me being nice.

Which says a lot about what happens when I decide not to be. Because, you see, I could tell you the truth. I could tell you about a Prophet who was persecuted in liberty jail and how I don’t really think that was persecution, because any mid-thirties man who marries a fourteen year old girl probably deserves some jail time.

I could tell you about another fourteen year old girl a hundred years later who couldn’t think of marriage because white dresses were obscured by white shirts and white bread that became a symbol of inequality…

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The Scorch

Ah…the scorch…I know thee well!! My own ways of coping/managing are still being found. Some things work more successfully than others. Isn’t that always the case though?!

Mad Genius Club

I was never exactly burned out.  Well, it can’t be burn out, can it, when you still want to write, and still have fun writing?  When you find yourself reading something and going “oh, I could write this take off that…”

But about six years ago, I became badly scorched, you know, like food at the bottom of the pot, when you forget to stir.

I was stirring of course.  Well, at least I was going around in circles and not getting much done.

I think what capped it was exactly six  years ago, the year of the six books and homeschooling the kid.  I wanted to write.  I knew what to write.  But it just wasn’t making its way from the head to the page.

Of course, since then I’ve written a lot of other things, including much fantasy and science fiction.

But I seem to fall back into…

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It’s a Beginning…

Just setting this up, not expecting to post regularly or often just as yet.  But will be lurking around and exploring here and there.

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